Our Blockchain Programs

Blockchain technology promises to be hugely disruptive and empowering in both public and private sector computing applications. As a way to order transactions in a distributed ledger, blockchains offer a record of consensus with a cryptographic audit trail that can be maintained and validated by multiple nodes. It lets contracting parties dynamically track assets and agreements using a common protocol, thus streamlining and even completely collapsing many in-house and third-party verification processes.

In 2015, the academic community thought that blockchain will not only involves the financial industry, but also subvert the operation of the whole society, so blockchain technology will be a new Internet revolution.


In 2021, governments of 43 countries of the world have already deployed solutions using Blockchain. This is a revolution and we are firm believers of it. Our courses are designed journeys to share research, knowledge and experience with you and let your intellect decide whether it is a revolution or not and how you can be a partricipant, driver and a producer not just an observer or a consumer.



Organizations where we have delivered

Blockchain Unchained : Introduction
Foundation Program | 2 sessions per week | 4 weeks
This program builds foundation of blockchain with people with no technical background. This program is beneficial for people who desire to understand the blockchain technology, how and why it is changing the world and how they can be part of this.


Fee: 315 $ USD /  260 Euros  / Rs. 20,000 

Blockchain Unchained : Finance Professional
Program for Finance Professionals | 2 sessions per week | 4 weeks
This program helps finance professionals understand the implications of blockchain technology in finance. After the completion of this program, a finance professional can understand the use cases and evaluate the fitness of blockchain as a solution. They will also be able to ideate and design blueprints of blockchain solutions in finance.

Fee: 510 $ USD / 425 Euros / Rs. 35,000

Blockchain Unchained : Finance Leader
Program for Finance Leaders and CFOs | 2 sessions per week | 4 weeks
This program is aimed at finance leaders including CFOs and Finance Controllers. After the completion of this program, one will be able to navigate the use cases across all the functions of the organizations and ensure the fitness of the solution for the organization as a whole. They shall be able to understand and evaluate the implications on various functions like sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, planning, accounting, auditing etc. 


Fee: 715 $ USD / 595 Euros / Rs. 50,000

Understanding Ethereum 2.0 : The Future Financial Layer | Program for Everyone | 2 sessions per week | 2 weeks
Ethereum is getting an upgrade and the new Ethereum blockchain is going to have impact on financial technologies. For the ones who have understanding of blockchain as a technology, this program gives an insider understanding which will help them imagine, validate and design ideas of the financial future and participate in it.

Fee: 220 USD / 185 Euros / Rs. 15,000

Experience Blockchain : Hands On Deep Dive
Program for Fintech enthusiasts | 2 sessions per week | 4 weeks
You understand blockchain, how it works, what are the benefits. This program is about getting your hands dirty. This program is a deep dive experience from creation of wallets, transacting crypto tokens/cryptocurrency, how new crypto tokens can be designed, viewing and exploring blockchain transactions and running smart contracts on the blockchain.

Fee: 575 $ USD / 480 Euros / Rs. 40,000

Experience Blockchain : Create a Blockchain
Program for Professionals | 2 lessons per week | 8 weeks
Like today every professional is a consumer of technology, In the future, professionals will be designers of technology. Designing of better solutions will require domain knowledge and practical experience. We are already in the age of low-code development.  After this program people with no previous knowledge of  development or coding experience will be able to ideate, design, configure and launch an enterprise grade blockchain. 

Fee:  1115 $ USD / 925 Euros / Rs. 80,000